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Medivisa customer service gives adherents a good understanding of the tasks, responsibilities and skills involved at Medivisa with a complete interaction by providing all information needed to their enquiries, concerns & requests.

It is worth to mention that  listening and attending to our customers’ needs and desires is our main target. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve our customer service in order to avoid any stagnation.
Medivisa’s customer service representative main concern is to respond promptly to the customers complains by any mode .Thanks to our customer service dedicated team who works 24/7 with full authority & technical support to resolve all emergency issues after working hours & during holidays.

The key of this outstanding service is due to the bridge build between all support team to reach to our mission “customer satisfaction “.

The support team consists of:

  • Dedicated Delegates with 24/7 availability to handle emergency cases & issues.
  • 24/7 dedicated network team for on call assistance at all contracted hospitals reachable through their mobile devices & linked on real-time to Medivisa server.
  • On-call delegates that handle emergency claims at any time of the day or night.
  • Rotation during official holidays: We believe that the delegate presence on all official holidays in all contracted hospitals will keep our service not interrupted & outstanding.

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Medivisa is having a team of professionals for managing cases from different operational departments which includes customer support center as well as medical preauthorization department.

Actual purpose of case management is provision of best healthcare facility to our insured members as well as making sure of quality treatment with cost effective outcome.

Usually chronic or complicated cases are managed by our professional team according to standard operating procedures. As an automatic consequence, such cases are referred to a customer support center to find out the best and suitable quality and cost effectiveness by following up directly with health care providers in terms of treatment.

Also our professional team members’ guide and advice concerning chronic or complicated cases with follow up of the treatment progress and obtaining feedbacks from insured members concerning treatment related issues.

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Pre-authorization also known as medical approvals is considered one of the core functions of any claims management organization. Medivisa’s pre-authorization department has professional and qualified medical doctors who reply to all approval requests which are received from different assigned providers network from all over Lebanon.

All received pre-authorization requests are handled professionally by our team, department head and his assistant make sure that requests are replied in agreed KPI time to avoid any unnecessary delay.

Medivisa pre-authorization team consists of a variety of specialists and consultants in order to deal professionally with all kind of medical cases within accepted time boundaries..

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The in provider help desk offerss technical support to our client by responding to questions and directing them to other resources if necessary. Are you facing any delay when visiting the appointed medical providers? is the approval procedure too much confusing to you? Please visit our representatives who are always present at all major medical providers and they will give you  the necessary assistance to make your visit smooth.

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Our delegates visit all admitted patients upon admission to ensure that they are getting the proper service and attend to any request that might need. Additionally our delegates review the medical file of admitted patients on daily basis and follow-up closely with the treating physician and medical team .

By this action our team always keep an eye on quality of services provided to our valuable clients as well as to control healthcare providers from providing unnecessary services to our insured members which can lead to abuse of medical insurance service and ultimately increased premium.
Medivisa has a medical steering committee whose members meet frequently to discuss and review important as well as complicated cases and share experience.

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Claims Adjudication Invoices related to patients are audited medically and technically, unnecessary services will be questioned to the healthcare provider to justify rendering them. The aim of this 2nd line of defense is to serve our vision by providing the perfect healthcare service within accepted cost effectiveness to preserve the benefit coverage limits for our insured members. Claims processing is the technical review of claims after claims medical adjudication, also in all claims details are entered in the system based on medical adjudication as well as policy terms and conditions, also contractual agreements are verified with healthcare providers and number of supporting reports justifying treatment whether available or missing. Once technical verification completed full data of those claims registered in claims management system of Medivisa.

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This department ‘s main task is to ensure that MediVisa’s clients enjoys the widest network of healthcare providers and best medical services at preferential tariffs.
Medivisa’s professional team also provide complete support and guidance to healthcare providers and assisting them from claims submission till payment release, major responsibilities

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Medivisa has a statistical department with professionals who keep track internally of all daily operational activities and provide updated daily reports to Medivisa’s management to keep track of daily work.

Operational departments which are usually followed on daily basis by statistical team includes pre-authorizations department, claims management department, call center as well as customer support.
Al Medivisa’s operational departments follow strict KPIs and statistical department provide daily reports concerning KPIs related to each department.
Also statistical department provide produce all required reports concerning high cost illnesses, frequency of visits, providers cost inflation, service utilization, loss ratio calculation and any other service requested by out TPA clients.

Medivisa can provide its valuable clients any kind of specially tailored technical reports which can be requested from the statistics department providing required study parameters.

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We have partnered up with the best assistance company in the world to make sure that in case you, or your loved ones face an unfortunate medical emergency during a business or leisure trip, you are given minute by minute assistance and that you receive the best possible medical care.

The contact details are on the back of your card Assistance Company.

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