Cold Case

In Cold cases (non-emergency admissions):

  • The patient’s physician should fill in completely the hospitalization claim form.
  • All related diagnostic results must be in hand along with the completely filled hospitalization claim form & submitted to MediVisa Delegate
  • The patient can get the approval  from MediVisa delegate present at any MEDGULF branch, MediVisa main office or MediVisa office inside the hospital. The coverage will be based on policy terms & conditions along with admission necessity
  • The granted MediVisa approval ENCLOSES the only covered items .Extra charges should be settled by the patient.
  • For insureds who benefit from Nssf , the patient should secure the NSSF approval
  • In case of an enquiry, please call our Medical Claim Center on 05-951 111 during working hours or MediVisa Call center after working hours