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Medivisa, a member of MEDGULF group, is the Third Party Administrator in Lebanon since 1997.

It is prominent player in the managed care industry with outstanding expertise in managing all aspect of claims process, including claims administration, management plan, provider networks, statistical reports and other administrative activities such as issuing insurance cards.


Medivisa’s mission is to provide our clients with unprecedented, cost effective solutions, reduce claim turnaround time and ensure that all referral needs are properly responded to within the shortest time span, enhance client service, control fraud and ensure payment accuracy. We have a dedicated department whose mission is to retrieve reports, conduct surveys and perform regular visits and post audit to make sure that clients are getting the best possible service in a prompt and efficient manner .

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Medivisa site has been designed to view our services. Submitting your reimbursement claims, viewing claims history, finding healthcare provider & accessing your policy information and other information is easy to access through MV site. To access the Medivisa site, you just need to register with us & log in with your user name and password.

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